The documentary In Money We Trust? Is based on the book by Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames, MONEY: How The Destruction of the Dollar Threatens The Global Economy and What We Can Do About It. An updated special edition has been published in conjunction with the program.


In MONEY, Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames explain why a return to sound money is essential for the United States and other nations to achieve a stable and prosperous economy. The book also shows why sound money is critical to maintaining the social trust essential to a well-functioning society.  The authors answer these vitally important questions: 


  • What is the difference between money and value? 
  • How have monetary policy errors led to the current problems in global financial markets? 
  • Why is sound money critical to maintaining social trust?


Money is one of the most misunderstood —and crucial—topics today. Since the United States abandoned a gold-linked dollar more than four decades ago, the world’s governments have become dangerously ignorant of the fundamental monetary principles that guided the most successful economies for centuries. 


Fluctuating “fiat” money, in which governments manipulate the value of the dollar and other currencies, has been responsible for the biggest economic failures of recent decades, including the 2008 financial crisis, from whose effects we continue to suffer. 


Forbes and Ames argue that the best way to achieve sound money is returning to fixed monetary values under a gold standard, the system that propelled the U.S. economy for most of its history. 


The Wall Street Journal called MONEY “lucid, informative and timely.”  You can buy the updated edition of the book by clicking here.